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100+ T20I playing teams and the growth of Cricket

Back in April 2018, The International Cricket Council took an interesting decision towards the global growth of the game by granting all 104 member teams T20 International status. This move was obviously received in a variety of ways among the cricketing fraternity. Many called it a ground-breaking decision, as so many countries receiving international status might make cricket a global game that it so badly needs to be.

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One on hand, the ICC held the 2019 World Cup in a strictly exclusive format of a tournament where only the 10 full members competed for the trophy, much like the ICC Champions Trophy held 2 years prior. No wonder the tournament was scrapped. However, when so many World Cups have been successfully played with variations of 16, 14, 12 and the other numbers of participants, why did the ICC stick to this method? Perhaps this is a question only the governing body of ICC can answer and there must be some methodology behind this decision.

Nevertheless, the upcoming T20 World Cup is going to be far more inclusive than the ODI World Cup played last year. The tournament will include 16 total members, and 12 in the super 12, so if this format can work for the T20 World Cup, lets hope for the sake of fans that the upcoming ODI World Cups will include way more emerging teams.

Netherlands win final

Source: ICC

Ever since all these newcomers to the game of Cricket have received T20 Cricket recognition, records have certainly taken a new shape. We are witnessing new records being made, new records being thrashed, and unbelievable score lines. Here is a list of records that have been made after 104 Teams received T20 International status. 

  • Lowest Total: Turkey – 21 (Turkey hold the first 3 spots and 8/10 of the lowest T20i totals are after the new teams received T20 status).
  • Highest Total: Czech Republic 278/4 vs Turkey. (Actual number one spot is Afghanistan 278/3)
  • 4 of the 10 Fastest Centuries have been made by members of new teams after April 2018.
  • Victory by the highest margin of runs: Czech Republic – 257 vs Turkey. (5 out of top 10 victories by margin are by new members)

These are just of some of the examples of how many records have and will change since there are about 100 plus teams playing each other in this format. The problem is not the records changing so drastically after all records are meant to be broken. The problem lies with the disparity of quality being so evident along these so many members. A sport like Football does not involve as much as stats and figures as cricket does, so the benefit of the doubt can be given to numbers. We’re just glad 100+ teams are playing professional cricket!

ICC Rankings table

Source: ICC 

We hope that in the coming years better and widespread cricket infrastructure exists in these newborn cricket nations so that we can experience larger, more followed and intensely competitive tournaments. We are the fans who want the sport of cricket to rule the world, so when it is more competitive, it will be better broadcasted too. All points aside, cricket is finally growing on a global level!

Bermuda Cricket

Source: ICC

Cricket in the last decade has grown and went through the most changes than ever before. This can go in two directions, good or bad. Let’s hope that the formats of Test and ODI do not lose their grace Infront of the ever-growing and entertaining T20. It is likely that they won’t, as the introduction of the ICC Test Championship and the level of entertainment provided by the latest ICC World Cup shows us that Cricket will never die, and we will only witness more interest sparking towards this sport! Here’s to the lovers of the biggest sport in this world!

Feature Image Source: CricWorld