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Each bat receives individual care and attention at every stage of its production. During the drying process, the moisture content will be measured continually until it reaches the optimum level, and a resultant weight that we know unlocks the potential to harness every ounce of the inert potential within each fibre. A profile will be chosen for the cleft which will combine the timeless qualities of a traditional cricket bat with a contemporary feel. The precision handling and innovation ensure that the bat is not only supremely elegant and bold, but will also provide unprecedented performance.


The pressing of each individual cleft will be different each time, and will focus on the uniqueness and needs of each piece of willow to further tease out the potential for performance. The finishing process is executed with pride, attention to detail and in the knowledge that unless we are 100% satisfied it will not be released. However, should players require a bespoke product, this too can be done.