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Custom Cricket Bat

Customise your own cricket bat

ProX20 made to order cricket bat


At World Class Willow we want to give you the opportunity to have a cricket bat tailor made to your exact specifications. Sometimes it can be hard to find the bat that is perfect for you so why not get it custom made?


When creating your ideal bat there will be lots of customisation options available to you. These will either be through our website or through talking with our expert team.

  • We will either receive your order through our website with your specifications on or we will discuss your options with you. This can be done however you would like. Your options will be noted by our team and then we will communicate to ensure they are correct.
  • Our expert bat makers will handle a cleft, picked out specifically for your bat, and then start to shape it.
  • Throughout the process you will receive communications and pictures to ensure your satisfaction
  • Once finished our team will apply your favourite stickers and grip combination before we pack it in one of our custom sleeves and boxes to be sent out to you wherever you may be in the world



We offer four willow grades the progressively increase in quality and performance.

HARROW – Our first is the harrow which is tailored towards junior players, but still packing some serious performance.

5 STAR – Our senior, entry-level grade is the 5 Star. This willow can produce some incredible bats however may have some blemishes or imperfections on the surface, none that will affect performance

RESERVE – Our mid-range willow grade is the Reserve. These clefts of willow can often produce the best bats on the market with incredible performance and ping. All down to our expertly pressed bats making the reserve an incredible “value for money” option.

LIMITED EDITION – Our top-end willow grade is the Limited Edition. These are the best clefts available anywhere! Not only do they perform the best out of any of our options they also look the best! No imperfections and perfectly straight grains are required to meet our strict grading guidelines.