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Pro X20

Limited Edition • Players • Reserve • 5 Star

ProX20 made to order cricket bat

The Pro X20

The ProX20 profile is targeted towards the shorter format of the game because of the better pickup and lighter feel. This helps the limited overs player generate greater bat speeds through the ball and therefore allows more power.




  • Half an inch shorter blade
  • Half an inch longer handle
  • Greater pickup and feel
  • Easier to swing


The half an inch shorter blade allows the bat to have more willow and still feel as light when picking up. Balancing is something our bat makers take pride in and the results are a bat the will always pick up a couple of ounces lighter than it is on the scales!


One of the most import decisions when picking out your bat is the willow grade. It determines the price and the aesthetics but most importantly the performance!

  • Limited Edition – The best willow available on the market. Packed full of perfectly straight grains!
  • Players – Beautiful willow, providing incredible performance for a more appealing price point!
  • Reserve – Some of the best performers out there, with a few more blemishes and imperfections on the surface!
  • 5 Star – A few more blemishes and imperfections, but the performance they produce is incredible!