Cricket has found a new home in the USA

With over 200,000 active players participating in 400 leagues and tournaments across communities, schools, and college programs, Cricket has made a strong foothold in the USA. The American cricket governing body, USA Cricket has six authorized regions but just one cricket stadium in Lauderhill, Florida that meets international standards certified by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

The city of Houston is by far the most popular destination for the game with 19 clubs operating from 5 grounds. Unfortunately, none of these facilities are of international standards and unable to meet the growing demands of Houston's cricket community. To solve this problem, a new and exciting project called Kalsoom Prairie View Cricket Complex (KPVCA) has been initiated that many believe will be the new home of cricket in the USA.

Arial view of Kalsoom Prairie View Cricket Complex in Houston Texas.

Arial view of Kalsoom Prairie View Cricket Complex in Houston Texas.


KPVCA is a community project started by a group of Cricket enthusiasts in Houston, TX. This is an 86 Acres project situated less than 5 miles away from Prairie View A&M University, part of the Texas A&M University system.

The man behind the project and the President of the board Mr. Tanveer Ahmed has identified the need of the community. In a statement to HBJ, Mr Ahmed said, “More cricket fields are badly needed in Houston. There are numerous cricket leagues and teams in the Houston area and only nine fields between Humble and East Bernard."

The KPVCA is looking to fill the gap as a one-stop-shop with plans to gather more than 50 cricket teams under one umbrella. The project encompasses:

  • 7 Cricket Fields
  • Coaching Centers
  • Training Centers
  • Practice Facilities
  • Community Center

Players utilizing the facilities at KPVCA.

Players utilizing the facilities at KPVCA.

A Community-driven project

Since KPVCA’s location is just around A&M University, it has already generated huge interest in university students as well as schools and colleges. In addition to the institutes, local business community members and Prairie View's Mayor, David Allen have also pledged their support, making this a truly community-driven project.

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How KPVCA will put Houston on the world cricketing map

Unlike many parts of the US where the weather has an adverse effect on playing conditions, Houston offers ideal playing conditions for most of the year. KPVCA project will also feature a six-bay indoor facility, giving it an all year-round operational advantage. KPVCA project will also feature:

  • Grass-based turf wickets.
  • Excellent soil condition.
  • International standard outfields.
  • Properly trained & certified coaching staff.
  • World-class arena with bowling machines for batting practice.

With world-class facilities, year-round ideal playing conditions, and access to best playing and coaching talent, KPVCA is all geared up to put Houston on the world cricketing map.

Cricket's growing popularity in the US

KPVCA looks to capitalize on the growing popularity of cricket beyond Houston and through a strategy of coaching camps, it will attract not just local talent but also cricketers from states such as Florida and California to the facility.

What does Houston mean to cricket?

Cricket is a game that completes in just three hours – the most lucrative thing for a US citizen. Three hours of pure fun entices the US market towards T20 cricket. This one agenda is enough to attract more US sports fans and Houston is the best destination. Why?

Because Houston has been amongst the cricket savvy state of the US. People here are more attracted to cricket compared to other states. That’s why KPVCA is the best that will be happening to the US and specifically Houston cricket. Every state-of-the-art facility that international cricket demand, will be here in Houston under KPVCA’s roof.

Getting international interest

KPVCA project has attracted several international cricket brands to develop the eco-system Houston. Recently, World Class Willow founder Paul Miles visited the facility. As a premium cricket bats and accessories manufacturer, World Class Willow has the experience and the global knowledge to provide pro-grade equipment and services to the facility. With a presence in West Indies, India, Pakistan, and other cricket playing nations, World Class Willow's contribution can help the KPVCA deliver world-class services to their customers and community. 

USA Cricket has discovered its new destination. In the shape of the KPVCA project, cricket in Houston will flourish. We are sure, one day Houston will completely overtake other states and will be considered as a hub of cricket in the USA, just because of KPVCA infrastructure.