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At World Class Willow we like to involve you in every step of the bat making process. Giving you the ability to fully customise your bat and aid you in performing to the best of your ability.

We offer 7 main customisation options for you, starting from the actual shape of the bat all the way down to which of our exclusive sticker designs you want. Everything is down to you and with the help of our expert team we should be able to provide you with your ideal bat.

The first option in our customisation process is the profile of the bat. This is the shape of the bat, most commonly seen from side on. At WCW we offer two different profiles, the ProX20 and the ORCA. We can also replicate any bat you have if you want a specific shape. The ProX20, the first of our two specially designed profiles, is more designed to the limited overs players; this is because of the slightly shorter blade and longer handle. Roughly half an inch different to a standard short handle allows a greater pickup but also allows quicker bat swings, helping the ball travel further. The ORCA is a fuller profile meaning there will be more willow in the profile, often producing heavier bats but the performance you get from them is second to none. The ORCA is far more suited to the conventional player, looking to time the ball to the fence.

Next you will be asked about the Willow Grade. We have 4 options when it comes to willow and they are; Harrow, 5 Star, Reserve and Limited Edition. The harrow grade is tailored to junior players as the bat is slightly smaller. 5 Star is our entry-level grade for seniors. Despite it being our lowest, the performance can be incredible for the money. It may feature a few more blemishes or imperfections on the bat face but this won’t make a difference to how far the ball will travel! Our second senior willow grade is the Reserve. This is by far the most popular grade and offers remarkable performance. Again, the bat may not feature the perfectly straight grains of our Limited Editions, but the ping and the sweet spot will be perfect for your game. Finally, the Limited Edition. These are our highest quality pieces of willow with straight, tightly packed grain and completely clean surfaces. These will also provide the best performance and quicker making them incredible bats for the serious and committed player!

After this we like to discuss weights for the bat. We normally start offering weights at around 2lbs 8oz, as any lighter than this you will start to lose out on performance and go up to around 2lbs 15oz/3lbs. Due to clefts being a natural product we can never completely guarantee a perfect weight however we try our hardest to provide you with a bat that feels right for you. We often encourage customers to come down and visit our showroom to get a ‘feel’ for our bats as our unique pickup often provides players with more confidence in a heavier weight.

The handle is the fourth customisation option and here you will be provided with three different options, each to do with how it feels in your hand. You can choose a round handle, which is perfectly cylindrical all the way up, a semi-oval handle, which starts round and tapers off as you go down the handle, helping comfort your bottom hand while you play and finally a fully oval handle which is as you expect, an oval all the way down the handle.

Your final option when it comes to customising the blade itself is the toe profile. This is completely a personal preference and is purely aesthetics, you can choose from a round or a flat toe profile. Having the bat square off or rounded at the bottom doesn’t make any different to the blade itself, bar some little weight saving.


The final two choices are purely aesthetics again and is your personal preference: choosing your stickers and grip. Currently we offer 5 different sticker choices, which can be seen in the picture to the left and we also offer 7 different coloured grips too, again pictured left and on our custom bat page.


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