Who we are

For over a decade we have been working towards supplying the very best bespoke timber to the cricket bat industry. With a great deal of patience we have developed an understanding and appreciation of willow trees and their growing conditions, in order to create a nurturing environment to optimise growth and quality.

A combination of patience, perfect soil acidity and moisture content, individual tree management and care enables each tree to yield an extraordinary level of quality and quantity of clefts, and a sustainable ‘bloodline’ for generations to come.


Similarly, our knowledge, dedication and combined experience at every conceivable level and format of the game is second to none. Unavailable until now, WCW bats combine innovation, the ultimate grade of willow, and the very best in profile, weight, pick up and balance.

Potential and Performance

Each bat receives individual care and attention at every stage of its production. During the drying process, the moisture content will be measured continually until it reaches the optimum level, and a resultant weight that we know unlocks the potential to harness every ounce of the inert potential within each fibre. A profile will be chosen for the cleft which will combine the timeless qualities of a traditional cricket bat with a contemporary feel. The precision handling and innovation ensure that the bat is not only supremely elegant and bold, but will also provide unprecedented performance.

Attention to Detail

The pressing of each individual cleft will be different each time, and will focus on the uniqueness and needs of each piece of willow to further tease out the potential for performance. The finishing process is executed with pride, attention to detail and in the knowledge that unless we are 100% satisfied it will not be released. However, should players require a bespoke product, this too can be done.

Available to All

With World Class Willow you will experience the ultimate in performance and follow in the footsteps of International cricketers in this year’s IPL and around the world, where our WCW bats have been used for the first time. Unlike many brands who reserve their ‘best’ for the professional and International game, World Class Willow only produces bats of the highest possible grade yet they are available to all.

They are simply unique.

Our promise to you

At WCW we only use the finest possible English willow,  grown, nurtured and harvested 100% naturally by us in the UK. We will only produce as many bats as there are clefts of the optimum quality, and will only release them when they are ready. Our patience allows for your performance.