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Pro X20 – 5 Star

5 Star £325

Pro X20 – 5 Star


Our best value for money.

The 5 Star often gets overlooked but don’t let looks fool you! These bats will pack a punch and clear those boundary ropes with ease.

They may contain Heartwood or fewer grains and blemishes, but are handcrafted with the same attention to detail as all WCW cricket bats with the emphasis on squeezing every ounce of performance into this grade of cleft.

The 5 Star offers something for everyone.

  • Hand picked from our 5 Star willow clefts
  • Half inch shorter blade combined with a half inch longer handle
  • Handmade by our master bat maker to conform to ICC & MCC cricket bat regulations
  • Ultimate 12 piece cane handle
  • Talk to the team
  • Choose from 5 sets of cricket bat stickers
  • Made to order
  • Free UK shipping
  • For international sales please get in touch