Does your bat need a clean up, or some minor repairs? Our refurbishment
service covers all repairs* and a full clean up, giving your bat a
new lease of life. New stickers will be applied (to WCW bats only) and a new grip
will be added.

Full Refurbishment (incl Repairs) - £55

All refurbishments will be completed within 1 week of the bat arriving at our factory.

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Just because the handle has broken in your bat, it doesn't mean that it's life is over. We will expertly fit a new handle whilst ensuring the feel and pickup is not altered. If needed, we also offer a refurbishment service on top of this, making sure your bat looks good as new.

Re-Handle & Refurbishment - £100

All re-handles will be completed within 1 week of the bat arriving at our facility

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Toe Guards

At World Class Willow, we do our toe guards differently. We use a high quality liquid rubber, that seeps into the end grain of your bat, ensuring ultimate protection. These can only be added to WCW bats.

Adding a WCW Toe Guard (Retrospectively) - £19.99

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Toe Binding

Want a little more protection on the toe of your bat? Our high strength Nylon binding adds another layer of protection against impacts on the toe.

Toe Binding Service - £14.99

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Book Your Bat In For a Refurb

To book your bat in for a refurb, simply purchase the service you are looking for through the link below, and send us your bat! Make sure to include your Name, Phone Number & Address

*Not all bats will be repairable, we will be in touch if there are any issues