At World Class Willow we only release what we believe to be the products of the highest quality that can be enjoyed and used over several seasons; assuming good care and maintenance*. However on rare occasions due to unforeseen circumstances, repairs or replacements may be necessary.

Each WCW Cricket Bat is protected by a 6-month warranty from date of purchase and with proof of purchase from World Class Willow LTD, that covers any damage caused or maintenance needed because of the manufacturing process or fault in the willow. The warranty assumes good care of the bat and accepts there will be ‘normal’ wear and tear when used.

It must be stressed that ‘normal’ is subject to interpretation given frequency, player technique and player standard. However, the following factors will VOID the warranty of your bat:

  • Insufficient knocking in or preparation.
  • Damaged caused through edges or mistimed shots/yorkers.
  • The use of balls not specifically designed for the sport of cricket, including weighted balls for power hitting. Overuse against bowling machine balls.
  • Use of the bat for anything other than the playing or practising of the sport of cricket.
  • Use as a ‘club’ bat, or more than one concurrent user.
  • Leaving the bat outside for long periods of time.
  • Leaving the bat in standing water or rain.
  • Misuse and general lack of care.

In cases where the warranty of the bat is void, World Class Willow reserves the right to refuse to replace or repair the bat; or to offer a repair service at a cost incurred by the customer. CLICK HERE TO BOOK A REPAIR

  • Compression Dent

    This is an example of a compression crack. This occurs when the toe has not received enough knocking in and the batsman tries to hit a yorker and mistimes it.


  • Compression Crack

    The above is an example of a compression dent. This occurs when the toe has not been knocked in enough and the batsman tries to hit a yorker.


  • Toe Crack

    This is an example of a toe crack caused by a mistimed shot against a yorker/low full toss.


  • Edge Cracks

    This is an example of cracking along the edge of the bat. This is caused through repeated mistimed shots and hitting of the ball with the edge.


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Making a Warranty Claim

In order to make a warranty claim, please email pictures of the damage or fault and proof of purchase to info@worldclasswillow.com where our team will inspect and evaluate whether it needs to be brought back to our workshop.

  1. If a return is required, the WCW Team will organise a collection of the damaged bat from your address at a date that suits you at a cost of £9.99.
  2. We will carry out an in-person inspection and look to repair the damage or replace the bat, providing the warranty has not been void.
  3. If a repair is possible, WCW will endeavour to return the bat to a similar working condition as the bat would have been immediately before the break.**
  4. If a repair is not possible, WCW will look to replace the bat with a copy if it is deemed that it was a manufacturing fault.
  5. WCW will then ship the repaired/new bat back to the customer, however a return postage charge of £9.99 will be applicable with every claim.

*For advice on good care and maintenance, please CLICK HERE to visit our Bat Care page

**It must be stressed that in most cases, WCW’s bat makers will attempt to repair the bat to full working order before issuing any replacements.