At World Class Willow we only release what we believe to be products of  the highest possible quality that can be enjoyed and used over several seasons assuming good care and maintenance (please see Bat Care). However on rare  occasions due to a unforeseen circumstances repairs or replacements are necessary.

World Class Willow bats are protected by a 6 month warranty but assumes good care and that ‘normal’ wear and tear including superficial cracking will take place. 

It is advisable that:

Your bat is stored in a dry, cool environment avoiding excessive heat, damp or cold.

You ensure that your bat has been knocked in properly (see Bat Care).

You avoid unnecessary or aggressive ‘tapping’ of the bat particularly on hard or excessively wet pitches.

If your bat becomes unavoidably wet allow it to dry naturally and seek advice if swelling occurs.

Only use your cricket bat against balls specifically designed for cricket and avoid use against cheap balls which are often unusually hard and have pronounced seams. It is not good practice to use new balls in the nets and this should be avoided *.

The use of a bat cover when not playing will protect your bat from unnecessary wear and tear.

The use of anti scuff, edge tape and a toe guard are likely to prolong the life of your bat.

It must be stressed that ‘normal’  is subject to interpretation given frequency, player technique and player standard is subjective however the following factors will normally void the warranty of a bat:

  • Use of the bat for anything other than the playing or practising of the sport of cricket by the owner. Use as a “Club” bat or more than one user leading to excessive use negates the warranty.
  • Improper care of the bat including water damage and alterations including label removal.
  • Insufficient knocking in and preparation
  • The use of balls not specifically designed for the sport of cricket or as described above *.
  • Damaged edges or toe incurred by mistimed shots/yorkers.

(In cases of dispute of any of these factors, the final warranty decision will be made by the World Class Willow batmaker.)

In cases where the warranty of the bat is void, World Class Willow reserves the right to refuse to replace or repair the bat; or to offer a repair service at a cost incurred by the customer.

Should a bat break within the warranty period due to neither a clear manufacturing fault or a clear breach of the warranty conditions outlined above, a natural fault with the willow which is a natural and unpredictable material will be assumed and World Class Willow will repair the bat to a similar working condition as the bat would have been immediately before the break. However as there are many factors to consider when appraising a returned item for fault we cannot offer decisions until such items are examined by us first hand. Assuming that any damaged sustained is within expected and normal parameters warranty repair will be carried out free of charge, including return postage, however postage from the customer to the batmaker will not be covered or reimbursed by World Class Willow.  Should such a repair not be possible, the World Class Willow will replace the bat.

It must be stressed that in most cases, in the first instance, the batmaker will attempt to repair the bat to full working order.